A few of my projects.

Who is Jamal?

Healthy Advocate

I love to make smothies to start my day. I can fit the most interesting things inside. Some might say a little too interesting.


With family, friends, work and hobies, I stay balanced. This was the hardest thing to do while attending the GW bootcamp.


I drove uber for the 2017 summer for extra money and networking. I didn't know about meet ups until last year.

Hard Worker

I'm new to web development and have a lot to learn, but this is fun and I love constant learning.

Web Designer

I'm not the best front end designer, but new ideas always pop into my head. It's exciting finding new ways (within reason) to do things.

Athlete For life

Athleatics keeps me energized. That's something I slowed down on when attending the GW bootcamp, but I'm back now!



Who is Lamaj Reltub?

Hello, my name is Jamal and I am a web developer. This portfolio is one of my projects showing skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I eventually want to remake the entire portfolio over using React. Honestly, I can't believe how far I've come with learning how to code. It is so exciting to me.

Legend has it, that two old men were spotted making fun of Jamal's portfolio in a most despicable way. They have been identified as Waldorf & Statler from the Muppets. It isn't even clear as to if they approve of the code or not able to appreciate a man's hard work. I'll let you see for yourself, by clicking on to JAMAL BUTLER all the way at at the bottom of the portfolio.

I have been working at a summer camp at Lowell School for 9 years teaching a 6 week cooking class to students ranging in between the ages of 8 & 13. Just this past July, I was an assistant to the personal chef of the OTR (Jay-Z & Beyonce) tour. I love to cook and teach culinary arts.

If you are looking at this portfolioright now you must be thinking, "this is the type of person we need at our company". If not the sentence above was just subconsciously rendered by you reading it, so give me a call.


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Takoma Park
Maryland, United State

Jamal Butler

(202) 744-7379 - Cell Phone